Francesco Napoli Songs: Balla Balla (Italian Hit Connection)
Musical drama television series (2012)
Songs: If I Didn't Know Better - When The Right One Comes Along - Ball And Chain - Life That's Good (feat. Lennon & Maisy) - Sanctuary (Charles Esten & Lennon & Maisy)
Nea Songs: Some Say
The musical (Hatik)
Songs: Santa Fe - Watch What Happens
Next Songs: Too Close (feat. Vee) - I Still Love You - Wifey - Beauty Queen
NF Songs: Let You Down
Nick & Simon Songs: Julia - Rome (feat. Yentl en de Boer) - Pak van mijn hart - Santa's Party - Vlinders
Nicoletta Songs: Idées noires (in duet with Bernard Lavilliers) - Fio Maravilla - Mamy Blue - Mamy Blue (live) (& Les Gospels Voices) - La musique
Nizlopi Songs: JCB
Nneka Songs: Heartbeat
Noa Songs: Eye in the Sky - Beautiful That Way (La Vita E Bella) - Ave Maria - Babel - Bohémienne
The Nolan Sisters
Also known as The Nolans
Songs: I'm in the Mood for Dancing
Nouela Songs: The Sound Of Silence (The Leftovers)
Gary Numan Songs: Cars - Are Friends Electric? (& Tubeway Army)