Musical drama television series (2012)
Songs: He Ain't Gonna Change - Wrong Song - Undermine (Hayden Panettiere) - This Town - Black Roses (feat. Clare Bowen)
Neiked Songs: Sexual (feat. Dyo)
The musical (Disney)
Songs: Santa Fe - Watch What Happens
Next Songs: Too Close (feat. Vee) - Wifey - I Still Love You - Beauty Queen
NF Songs: Let You Down
Kurt Cobain, Krist Novoselic & Dave Grohl
See also: Foo Fighters

Songs: Smells Like Teen Spirit - The Man Who Sold The World - Lithium - Polly - Come As You Are
Songs: JCB
Nneka Songs: Heartbeat
The Nolan Sisters
Also known as The Nolans
Songs: I'm In the Mood for Dancing
Nouela Songs: The Sound Of Silence (The Leftovers)
Gary Numan
Songs: Cars - Are Friends Electric? (& Tubeway Army)