Eric Idle Songs: Fuck Christmas (Live)
Billy Idol
Songs: Rebel Yell - Mony Mony - White Wedding (Short version) - Dancing With Myself (Generation X) - Hot in the City
iiO Songs: Rapture
Ima Robot Songs: Greenback Boogie (From the TV series Suits)
Infant Sorrow Songs: The Clap (Get Him to the Greek) - Supertight (& Jackie Q) - Going Up (Get Him to the Greek) - Little Bird (Get Him to the Greek) - Inside Of You (Forgetting Sarah Marshall)
Into The Woods
Motion Picture Soundtrack (2014) Musical film
Songs: No One Is Alone - I Know Things Now
Markéta Irglová Songs: Falling Slowly (From Once movie soundtrack)
Iron Butterfly Songs: In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Single Version)
Isla San Juan Songs: Viva la vida (feat. Lena Martin)
Laura Izibor Songs: Shine - Can't Be Love (One Tree Hill)