Weekly summary of February 04, 2019

We are pleased to feature Giant, California Blue (With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra) and Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow among the 38 tracks in Backing Tracks that have been added this week on Karaoke Version. Discover the latest MP3 backing track as made famous by Calvin Harris, Roy Orbison, or The Overtones.

Advice for musicians by musicians! (part 3)

"Some people have the gift of council, but very few have the courage," says the proverb. In this regard, those who share their advice below, have applied what they’ve received from their elders and put it all to good use to excel in their field and cultivate a humility that pushes them to transmit in turn their precious tips. So, take advantage of this new year to make good resolutions, starting by following these useful words of wisdom from some of the greats!

Weekly summary of January 28, 2019

We are pleased to feature Hello my Love, Jolene (Dumplin' Remix) and Everlasting among the 58 tracks in MP3 backing track that have been added this week on Karaoke Version. Discover the latest Instrumental Version as made famous by Westlife, Dolly Parton, or Take That.

Good habits for effective practice sessions

Diehard fans of improvised practice sessions, we're talking to you! You’re the musician/singer who considers structured practice as less important than trusting the mood of the moment to reach your creative potential.

We hear you, but we’re here to argue the contrary. The trouble with relying solely on improvised practice sessions is that you likely won't master the technical basics from the get-go. Learning the basics before ever jumping into improv sessions will eventually offer you more serenity and require you to focus on the music itself. After you've mastered this, you’ll then have earned the freedom to fully exploit your creative potential.

Weekly summary of January 21, 2019

We are pleased to feature From Now On, Can You Imagine That? and The Power of Love among the 50 tracks in Instrumental Version that have been added this week on Karaoke Version. Discover the latest Backing Tracks as made famous by The Greatest Showman: Reimagined, Mary Poppins Returns, or James Arthur.