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It Ain't My Fault Karaoke - Silkk the Shocker feat. Mystikal

This title is a cover version of It Ain't My Fault as made famous by Silkk the Shocker

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With backing vocals (with or without vocals in the KFN version)

Tempo: 90 BPM

Song key: Em

Duration: 03:29 - Sample at: 01:06

Release date: 1999
Genres: Rap & Hip Hop, In English
Original songwriter: Vyshon Miller, Craig Bazille

All files available for download are backing tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics It Ain't My Fault

What's really happenin' kickin' that shit fo' the nine nine
Silk the Shocker mystic Craig B
Still ain't our fuckin' fault ya heard me
Uh oh, did I do that did I do that
Did I do that
Uh oh, did I do that did I do that did I do that
That's right my meat an' potatoes come from my lyrical Labors
I throw my rhymes with no lips like Jeff jumped othe bridge
Don't cut the head off that hater go
Cash the check that they paid us
Jump in and feel the
Mercades Lexus or Navigator
Five hundred niggas talk about what they gon' do how dey gon ruin my day
Now another nigga be talkin' like that when they come 'round the way
Well you might have it tight as you can everything all goes to yo' lip
I make yo' tightest hardest rapper brush his teeth on my dick
I'm strict I'm rich I'm young I'm black I'm sick
I got it I hold it I run it I do it to death
I'm hot I'm dirty I'm armed I'm strapped cut
Don't blame it on me if the police find a pistol and blunt
Uh oh, did I do that did I do that did I do that
Uh oh, did I do that did I do that did I do that
Ah look what I started not that I can't finish
Talk about goin' to war if you are you can't win it
We don't make our money with no games and no gimmicks
I'm ridin' my tank with the bank we reach no limit
Make mister Roddy
Roddy write a book about it
Every rhyme on time that's why they make a hook about it
Money if I count it and it ain't enough
Probably got a chick around it them chicks I can't touch
Sista have niggas rob me bank ain't gon' bust
If you ever see like that know them niggas ain't with us
It ain't my fault if my name spells cash
It ain't my fault yo' girl got my name tatooed on her ass
Ain't my fault with concerts they sell out half of the show
Ain't my fault there's twice as much me and I get half of the dough
Now show me styles change my flow
Good money bad money change my dough
I can't sport ten cars if I do it ain't my fault
Uh oh, did I do that did I do that did I do that
Uh oh, did I do that did I do that did I do that
Main man mister take it to the do' boy
That's that rap ghetto vamp
Five or four boy bet I got cash 'bout to get mo' boy
Hit 'em with the flow boy don't die nohow boy G money
Y'all know boy that's that low blow an' Vito boy
Uh oh, did I do that did I do that did I do that
Uh oh, did I do that did I do that did I do that
Uh oh, did I do that
Hey, from the east coast west coast north midwest did I do that did I do that southside all my dogs
Uh oh, did I do that
It ain't y'all fault it ain't my fault don't get mad at me did I do that did I do that
I'm makin' it happen ya heard me mystical Silkk The Shocker

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