Don't Mess with My Man Karaoke - Denise LaSalle

This title is a cover version of Don't Mess with My Man as made famous by Denise LaSalle

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In the same key as the original: C

Release date: 1983
Genres: Blues, Soul, In English

All files available for download are backing tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics Don't Mess with My Man

You know girls there sure is a lot of difference between a husband and a man
When a husband does something nice for his woman he does it out of obligation
But when your man do something nice for you
He does it because this is what he want to do
And that's the way it oughta be
And you know your man don't like to take us wives out you know
Just ask your man to let you go out with him some time
He'll tell you some stuff 'bout he's goin' down on the corner shootin' some pool or somethin'
I bet you can guess what kinda cue stick he's gonna be usin' huh
Ah ha ha
You know I think that's why most married ladies got a man on the side nowadays
But wait a minute
You fellas been keepin' a woman on the side all the time
Tell me there's anybody out there know any faithful husbands huh
A faithful husband is 'bout as scarce as a teenage virgin honey
But even when you find a man that try to be faithful there's always some woman out there waitin' to get next to him
But let me tell you
All you women that's keep tryin' to get close to my husband
If some of you keep tryin' to get close to my man that's a no no
Ha ha
I got news for you baby
You better check this out
My husband got street feet
That's just one of his many faults
He come home everyday at meal time to eat the food that my man has bought
He treats me like a stranger
Keep me cryin' day and night
But my man love me like an angel and makes everything alright
I wanna tell you women
I wanna make sure you understand
You can have that no-good husband of mine but please don't mess with my man
Listen girls
My husband is a cheatin' man
He just love to play around
Even when our only child was born the man just couldn't be found
I was lyin' on my sick bed
I was all doped up with pills
It was my man that came along and he paved the ground in bill
I wanna tell you women
I wanna be sure you understand
You can have that no-good husband of mine but please don't mess with my man
But listen
I tried to be a good wife
Stand right by my husband's side
But that was always
Love stop
The man left me so unsatisfied
He had so many women
He didn't have no lovin' left
So I have to find myself a handyman to give him a little help
So I wanna tell you women
I wanna be sure you understand
Yes you can have that no-good husband of mine but please don't you mess with my man
Oh yeah

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