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Splish Splash Karaoke - Bobby Darin

This title is a cover version of Splish Splash as made famous by Bobby Darin

Formats included:


The CDG format (also called CD+G or MP3+G) is suitable for most karaoke machines. It includes an MP3 file and synchronized lyrics (Karaoke Version only sells digital files (MP3+G) and you will NOT receive a CD).

This universal format works with almost any device (Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android, Connected TVs...)

This format is suitable for KaraFun Windows Player, a free karaoke software. It allows you to turn on or off the backing vocals, lead vocals, and change the pitch or tempo.

Your purchase allows you to download your video as often as you prefer, and in all of these formats.


Same as the original tempo: 145 BPM

In the same key as the original: C

Duration: 02:19 - Sample at: 01:34

Release date: 1958
Genres: Rock, In English
Original songwriter: Bobby Darin, Murray Kaufman

All files available for download are backing tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics Splish Splash

Splish splash
I was takin' a bath
Long about a saturday night, yeah
Ah rub a dub just relaxin' in the tub thinkin' everything was all right
Well I stepped out the tub
I put my feet on the floor
I wrapped a towel 'round me and I opened the door
And then ah, splish splash
I jumped back in the bath
Well how was I to know there was a party goin' on
They was ah splishin' and ah splashin' reelin' with the feelin'
Movin' and ah groovin' rockin' and ah rollin' hey yeah
Bing bang I saw the whole gang dancin' on my livin' room rug
Yeah, flip flop they was doin' the bop
All the teens had the dancin' bug
There was lollipop ah with ah Peggy Sue
Good ah golly Miss Molly was ah even there too
Ah well ah, splish splash
I forgot about the bath
I went and put my dancin' shoes on
Yeah I was a rollin' and a strollin' reelin' with the feelin'
Movin' and ah groovin' splishin' and ah splashin' ah yeah
Yes I was ah splishin' and ah splashin'
I was a rollin' and ah strollin'
Yeah I was ah movin' and ah groovin'
Whoo, we was ah reelin' with the feelin'
Ha, we was a rollin' and ah strollin' movin' with the groovin' splish splash, yeah
Hmm splishin' and ah splashin' one time
I was ah splishin' and ah splashin'
Whoo, eeh, I was ah movin' and ah groovin'
Yeah I was splishin' and splashin', ha, yeah

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