What is Karaoke Version?

Karaoke Version is a virtual centre for downloading karaoke files. On this website you will find reproduced backing tracks, available in an instrumental version, instrumental with backing vocals, and sometimes also with lead (reproduced) vocals to hear how the song is sung.

The website also contains a catalogue of karaoke songs. This catalogue is updated regularly and contains song previews and full song versions that are available for downloading onto your computer and then burning onto a CD. We have the greatest karaoke songs, from the biggest artists, available in a simple, easy-to-use and legal method. All in just a few clicks!
Songs are in MP3 format (CD quality). They are virus-free and available immediately. Downloading music from Karaoke Version is legal and respects all copyright laws.

To access our catalogue of music downloads, you must first sign up on our site.

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