MP3+CDG files

You will need CDG karaoke compatible software to read these files. For example, you can use KaraFun Player. Download KaraFun Karaoke software.
A CDG file contains the data normally found in the subcode area of CD+G audio discs (mostly Karaoke CD's). This area is used to hold graphics which are displayed in sync with the audio. In a process similar to ripping, a program (CDDA) reads the audio disc and extracts and saves the data to a file.
KaraFun can both read these files and can read directly from the disc. There are very few CD-ROM drives that will read the subcode area of an audio CD in order to extract the CD+G information. To convert CD+G discs to CDG/MP3 files you will need: registered CDDA or CDRWin, and CD Ripper and MP3 encoder(s).

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