He's My Boy Karaoke - Everybody's Talking About Jamie (musical)

This title is a cover version of He's My Boy as made famous by Everybody's Talking About Jamie (musical)

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In the same key as the original: B♭

Release date: 2018
Genres: Musicals & Broadway, Pop, In English
Original songwriter: Daniel Giles Sells, Tom MacRae

All files available for download are backing tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics He's My Boy

The cold empty mornings
The coffee cup warnings
Remembering the spark that lived in a loaf that dies in the dark
When life keeps you guessing
Along came a blessing
My world was awake my precious surprise my perfect mistake
And maybe he'll break my heart
'Cos he'll take my heart when he goes
I'm dreading the day when he just walks away
He's my boy
He drives me insane
He's my boy
My pleasure my pain
He's my boy
Believe me he don't make it easy
He'd own me until he's outgrown me but still, he's my boy
He's my boy
From the moment I saw him
No man came before him
He taught me to fight to knock back the black to let in the light
And maybe
He'll break my heart
'Cos he'll take my heart when he goes
It's cruel that he can but that's just like a man
He's my boy my blessing, my curse
He's my boy
For better, for worse
He's my boy
Believe me he don't make it easy
He needs me fulfills me then bleeds me
But still, he's my boy
He's my boy
Don't tell me I'm fooling myself
Fooling again
'Cos I know the path
I know the price and I know the man
And I know the bright lights are going to tend him to stray
But I'd trade my tomorrows to have him today
He's my
He's my
He's my
He's my boy and boys always grow
He's my boy
And boys always go
He's my boy
He's blinded and so floating minded
He's clueless and clever
Confusing, whatever
But boy
He's my voice
He's my chance
He's my smile
He's my day
He's my life
He's my pain
He's my joy
He's my baby
He's my babe
He's my boy

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