Monster Mash Karaoke - Bobby Boris Pickett

This title is a cover version of Monster Mash as made famous by Bobby Boris Pickett

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With backing vocals (with or without vocals in the KFN version)

In the same key as the original: G

Release date: 1962
Genres: Christmas, Musicals & Broadway, Rock & Roll, In English
Original songwriter: Leonard Capizzi, Bobby 'Boris' Pickett

All files available for download are backing tracks, they're not the original music.

Lyrics Monster Mash

I was working in the lab late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie is sight
For my monster from his slab began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise
He did the monster mash
It was a graveyard smash
It caught on in a flash
He did the monster mash
Well my laboratory in the castle east
To the master bedroom where the vampires feast
The ghouls all came from their humble abodes
To catch a jolt from my electrodes
They did the monster mash
It was a graveyard smash
It caught on in a flash
They did the monster mash
The zombies were having fun
The party had just begun
The guests included Wolf Man
Dracula and his son
The scene was rockin' all were digging the sounds
Igor on chains backed by his baying hounds
The coffin-bangers were about to arrive
With their vocal group
The Crypt-Kicker Five
They played the monster mash
And it was a graveyard smash
It's caught on in a flash
They played the monster mash
Out from his coffin
Drac's voice did ring
Seems he was troubled by just one thing
Opened the lid and shook his fist and said
Whatever happened to my Transylvania twist?
It's now the monster mash it's now a graveyard smash
It's caught on in a flash it's now the monster mash
Now everything's cool
Drac's a part of the band
And my monster mash is the hit of the land
For you the living this mash was meant too
When you get to my door tell them Boris sent you
Then you can monster mash and do my graveyard smash
You'll catch on with a flash
Then you can monster mash
Uh, Mash good easy Igor you impetuous young boy
Uh, Mash good
Mmm, hmm
Huh, huh, huh
Mash good
Mmm, easy Igor, easy Igor
Mmm, Mash good

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