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Amazing Grace - Traditional - Custom Backing Track MP3

Tempo: variable (around 85 BPM)
Song key: E♭
This track ends without fading out
Duration: 03:01 - Sample at: 00:43
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About Amazing Grace

Other version(s): Gospel Singer, Aretha Franklin, LeAnn Rimes, Susan Boyle, Laurence Jalbert, Stef Ekkel & Chimène Badi
Format: MP3 320 Kbps
Genres: Traditional, Blues, In English
Composer: Trad
Original songwriter: John Newton
All files available for download are backing tracks, they're not the original music.

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The backing tracks and karaoke files listed here are copyrighted materials, property of the RECISIO company.
Their use is strictly limited to home and private use. If you are interested in this title for any other use, please contact us to obtain a non-exclusive license.
The music was produced by RECISIO Music Creation, in our recording studio in Lille (France).

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